Vector Addition

This java applets try to show : How to add two vector A and B into vector C

How to play:
  1. There are two methods to form a vector
    1. 1. Vector A/B originate from center of the window
        Left click anywhere inside the window to form vector A or B
      2. Vector A/B originate from where you first click the button
        Drag and lift the left mouse button to form vector A or B
        Vector will move to center of the window.
  2. The program will show you how to add two vector A and B into C
  3. C = A + B  or  C = B+ A
    C = A - B or  C= -B + A
    A - B can be transformed to  A +  (-B)
  4. press reset button or right click the mouse button to reset.
    1. Parameters are reset to default values.
  5. select info checkbox to show more information.
    1. X,Y components of each vector ...

    How to process more than two vectors :
    = A + B + C + D
    ơ = (A + B) + (C+D)
    ơ = E+ F 
    ơ E = A + B and F= C + D

    Could you figure out how to process SUM = A + B + C ?

3-D version

How to form a 3_D vector

When you form two vector A and B Drag the right mouse button to change the viewing angle.

Drag near the origin to change the its position.(displacement)

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AuthorGFu-Kwun Hwang, Dept. of physics, National Taiwan Normal University
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