I love to see this stuff being shared. I had to do this exercise hundreds of times a day at sea in the Coast Guard using paper maneuvering boards available in packets of 100, or on a round 3' diameter plastic maneuvering board called a Surface Summery Plotter. First, we would graphically display our ships course and speed on the SSP or maneuvering board, then using the radar, we would plot the bearing and range of a surface contact at a 3 minute interval, measure the distance traveled, divide by 100
which produced the speed of relative motion. Parallel that line till it intersected your displayed ship's speed on the graph, graphically display the other ship's relative speed on his relative motion line and the other ship's true or magnetic course and speed would be shown on the graphic display. Once we learned the other ship's course and speed, we could set up courses to intercept it within a certain time frame, at a certain speed or avoid by a certain distance at a certain time. We also used this method for search and rescue patterns using aircraft and helicopters, and intercepting rain squalls in the south pacific to provide showers for the crew when the evaporator wasn't working right. I also taught this course at Officer Candidate School and Boatswain Mate School. What a trip. If anyone has access to a Coast Guard cutter, I'm sure they would share a paper maneuvering board.