I am a former coach of this event and would like to find a simulation that I can input speed of athlete "miles per hour/meters per second, and distance in inches/centimeters that it takes the athlete to completely stop.  I would like to find the force created by this simulation.

There are two varying techniques to this event.  The first one revolves around the ability to focus momentum as long as possible along the shaft of a javelin in much the same way as pulling back the arrow on the bow.

The second technique is just relax the body and stop your horizontal momentum as quickly as possible creating a reactionary force on the javelin.  The simulation would help to show young athletes the force they can create by stopping better.  There is a Car Crash example page that I use for the calculations but I would love to see a javelin flying in a simulation of this.  Here's the link for that car crash page.  http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/carcr.html#cc1

Thank you for reading this.

Sean Elkinton