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anisotropy medium model
« on: October 03, 2013, 09:56:15 pm »
How look atom inside stationary coordination system


What if exist motion ?

electron's velocity = constant
 what about period and how many longer distance will make electron ?

Story of the image =>

respect to absolute stationary space electron is making  ellipse ???

VERY IMPORTANT Animation !!! please see what is it apparent point


please think about gravitation and internal atom's forces
 ( electron feel apparent Center position ??? )

e----l1---C-------------l2--------e -----Vo=30 km/s----->

What about medium and light inside medium ?

Light ----> Medium ( air ) ------> 30 km/s <------light

( gravitation forces and internal atom's forces work respect to apparent point )

first test in Poland . I made my test iside air ( If air is moving with Earth - absolute motion )
so air will give different resistance to light ??? 30 km/s I schould see different brightness of the same bulb ???

 first test

first pictures ( brightness - photoshop 10 histogram)

west ( -30km/s ) and East (+30 km/s )


Other way ? how to explain that we not have the same brightness of picture ...????

right now in my head is many new questions ???....

GALLILEO below paragraph is right now in each book ( physics )

" Galileo postulated his relativity hypothesis: any two observers moving at constant speed and direction with respect to one another will obtain the same results for all mechanical experiments (it is understood that the apparatuses they use for these experiments move with them).
This idea has a very important consequence: velocity is not absolute. This means that velocity can only be measured in reference to some object(s), and that the result of this measurment changes if we decide to measure the velocity with respect to a diferent refernce point(s). Imagine an observer traveling inside a windowless spaceship moving away from the sun at constant velocity. Galileo asserted that there are no mechanical experiments that can be made inside the rocket that will tell the occupants that the rocket is moving .
The question ``are we moving'' has no meaning unless we specify a reference frame (are we moving with respect to that star'' is meaningful). This fact, formulated in the 1600's remains very true today and is one of the cornerstones of Einstein's theories of relativity."

Marosz I solved above problem ???

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