Author Topic: How to download applet for offline use!  (Read 100582 times)

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How to download applet for offline use!
« on: February 19, 2007, 09:12:49 pm »
All the applets on this forum created by myself are all available for offline use.
You are welcomed to use it for non-profit educational purpose.

If you are a registered member and login to the forum.
You will find buttons labeled as "download applet files for offline use" at the top and at the end of the forum message if the message contain java simulation created by myself.
Click the button and files related to the applet will be packed into a ZIP file and sent to your email account.

 All the simulations created with EJS at this web site have been updated to EJS version 3.4.
 The download file is a jar file which include all the necessary files in it.
 Just double click the download jar file, you should be able to run it as java application if your computer support java run time.
 New features:
  You will find many options when you right click in the simulation region.
  You can capture the screen as snapshot image or as animated gif (select capture video).
 There is a interface for you to translate strings in the simulation to your local language format.
 If you have installed EJS: you can select open EJS model to find out how the simulation was created with EJS and you can modify the variable properties to generate new simulation easily.
 There are data tools for user to analyze real time data when the simulation was running.

Please ignore the following information, it is for previous EJS 3 download.
All the EJS simulations use the same java library "_library/ejsBasic.jar", and it is included in all the ZIP mail sent to your account to make sure you received all the necessary files.The file size is large (almost 1.2M).
If you are looking at simulations created by "easy java simulations (EJS)".
(EJS is a tools for educator or students to create java simulation.)
You will also find several buttons:
1. snapshot : Click this button will take a snapshot of the simulation, popup a window with the image in GIF format. The same image file will be sent to your email account at the same time.
Teacher can use this to know how students working with the simulation. May be use it as an  homework attachment. Student can use it to save the status of the simulation for documentation purpose,too.

2. save simulation state: The simulation state will be saved on our server. Combined with next button you can re-play the simulation.

3. setup: Click this button will popup a window which cantain all the saved snapahot image records and all the save state. The simulation will re-play the saved simulation state if you click the save state link.

You will also find a link labed as "load ejs as signed applet".
You will find out how the ejs simulation were created with EJS If you click this link.
EJS will be load into the browser, and you will need to grant permission for the applet to access your disk.
It will take more time if you load it the first time. (It will download all the library files 3MBytes)
And the source code for the simulation will be loaded into the EJS.
You can find out how the simulation were created by me. You can change the value of the variables, change the model (equations used). If you click the green button, it will generate modified simulation and run it. You can save the source code and load it back again.

So you are not limited to play with the created simulation only, you can also modified the simulation and saved it locally. You have full control of your activity.

You can check out a swf demostration to see how to create a planet motion with ejs.

You can also download EJS and run it as an application locally.

Please visit official EJS web site and download latest version EJS.