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No New Posts Enjoy the fun of physics! rss
Simulation can help us visualize the physics model. You will find hundreds of physics related java simulations (download available for registered user).
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Registered user will be able to get files for offline use.
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Last post by ahmedelshfie
in Test your understanding about projectile motion
on June 28, 2010, 06:05:16 pm
No New Posts Request for physics Simulations rss
If you can not find physics related simulations you want. Post it here, describe the requirement and the design of the simulation in detail. And we will try to create one for you for free! We need to know the purpose for the simulation and the targeted user. Normally, we will start to create it within one week as soon as we have enough information to create the simulation.
  • * Have me teach it. I'll really know it, I'll remeber it for a long time.
  • * And, anyone that has ever written programs to model something has learned...
  • * Have me program it. Guru. Can you say eternity!
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No New Posts Question related to Physics or physics related simulation rss
You are welcomed to post questions related to physics or question related to physics simulation. e.g. How to display java applet in power point files?
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No New Posts Physlet builder (Create your own simulation) rss
Do you believe it! You can create your own simulations without writing a line of code. You just need to provide your design as property values and the simulation will be created and send to your email account. (So only registered user can access the simulation builder interface). Let us will show you how to create your own simulation (with step by step flash movie.) URL=Physlet Simulation Builder
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No New Posts Different language translations rss
You will find applets web pages translated into different language format here. You are all welcomed to translate our applet into your local language, please send me translated copy to share with more users. SLOVAKIA version of applets korean version of applets Japanese version of applets Dutch version of applets or Holland version Spanish version of applets Portuguese version Chinese version and physics forum
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No New Posts kinematics rss
physics java applet related to kinematics
534 Posts
46 Topics
No New Posts Dynamics rss
Physics java applets related to dynamics
506 Posts
47 Topics
No New Posts Wave rss
physics java applets related to wave
351 Posts
50 Topics
No New Posts Thermodynamics rss
physics java applets related to thermodynamics
188 Posts
19 Topics
No New Posts Electromagnetics rss
physics java applets related to electromagnetics
371 Posts
38 Topics
No New Posts Optics rss
physics java applets related to optics
540 Posts
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No New Posts Misc rss
misc physics related java applets which is not related to the above categories
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No New Posts Comment about this web site! rss
Please write your comment about our Virtual Physics Laboratory in general.
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No New Posts Mirror sites and different language versions rss
URL of 86 Mirror sites around the world
Different language translation Dutch(Holland) Japanese Portuguese Korean Turkey SLOVAKIA Spanish
58 Posts
24 Topics
Last post by Fu-Kwun Hwang
in Canada
on January 30, 2004, 12:21:04 pm
Child Boards: Outdated or not avaiable URL : No New Posts (Topics: 13, Posts: 13)
No New Posts Information and Download rss
Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) is a software tool designed for the creation of computer simulations. It is designed for sicence teacher (not for professional programmer) What user need to do is supply information about science model (define variable, provide initial condition- initial value for variables , giving evolution condition -how variable change with time or constrains between variables) , Ejs will create java applet/ html page for your simulation. Please check out EJS wiki download for latest version
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Last post by aminbahgat
in Re: Lesson 1: simple harmonic motion in 1D
on October 03, 2015, 11:52:17 pm
Child Boards: EJS tutorial (How to create simulation with EJS) : No New Posts (Topics: 5, Posts: 11)
No New Posts Questions related to EJS rss
If you have any question related to EJS. Please posted it here. Please upload your ejs source and write down detail description about your problem. I will try to help as best as I can! (click Additional Options... to upload EJS source)
788 Posts
152 Topics
No New Posts Optics rss
Ejs examples related to optics :Latest simulations
  1. Fermat's principle
  2. Image in front of a mirror with thick glass
  3. Images by Reflection
215 Posts
63 Topics
No New Posts illusion rss
illusion created with Easy java simulation. You can play with parameters to find out how the illusion are created!
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32 Topics
No New Posts Kinematics rss
Examples related to kinematics :Latest simulations
  1. Retrograde and prograde motion
  2. Coriolis effect
  3. Cross a river with a boat
216 Posts
48 Topics
No New Posts Dynamics rss
Examples related to dynamics :Latest simulations
  1. Lissajous Curve from Y-suspended pendulum
  2. Ball in bowl
  3. Buoyancy-submarine control
412 Posts
132 Topics
No New Posts Wave and Fluid rss
Examples related to wave and fluid :Latest simulations
  1. bats and butterfly
  2. transverse wave
  3. What is Wave?
104 Posts
36 Topics
No New Posts Electromagnetism rss
Ejs applets related to E & M :Latest simulations
  1. Relation between displacement current and electric field with R-C circuit
  2. Capacitor with dielectric (constant Voltage and constant Charge mode)
  3. Synchrotron
207 Posts
36 Topics
No New Posts Electronic rss
Simulation related to electric circuit or electronic device
65 Posts
17 Topics
No New Posts Thermodynamics rss
Ejs program related to thermodynamics :Latest simulations
  1. ideal gas law: PV=nRT
  2. Thermal dynamic processes: isobaric, isochoric, isothermal, adiabatic processes
  3. particle model for solid/liquid/gas states in 3D
69 Posts
8 Topics
No New Posts Modern Physics rss
Applets related to modern physics :Latest simulations
  1. Length contraction (Special Relativity:Lorentz transformation)
  2. Laser pumping (3 level)
  3. Light cone (simulation)
137 Posts
20 Topics
No New Posts misc rss
applets related to mathematics or other topics :Latest simulations
  1. Interesting math animation
  2. The meaning of cosθ and sinθ
  3. vector sum/substract
268 Posts
58 Topics
No New Posts Collaborative Community of EJS rss
EJS user community
Moderator: lookang
1311 Posts
246 Topics
No New Posts Ahmed's contribution (EJS simulations) rss
EJS Simulations modified by ahmedelshfie
Moderator: ahmedelshfie
1 Posts
1 Topics
Last post by ahmedelshfie
in Re: Quiz: Do you know when two particles have the same horizontal speed?
on December 23, 2013, 05:21:52 pm
Child Boards: dynamics : No New Posts (Topics: 103, Posts: 249), kinematics : No New Posts (Topics: 36, Posts: 66), wave and fluid : No New Posts (Topics: 24, Posts: 53), electromagnetism : No New Posts (Topics: 40, Posts: 78), thermodynamics : No New Posts (Topics: 4, Posts: 23), optics : No New Posts (Topics: 37, Posts: 73), modern physics : No New Posts (Topics: 12, Posts: 55), misc : No New Posts (Topics: 27, Posts: 58), Simulations from other web sites : No New Posts (Topics: 40, Posts: 127), illusion : No New Posts (Topics: 12, Posts: 12)
No New Posts Ejs simulations from other web sites rss
There are many good simulations on the web, you are welcomed to add more simulations you have found.
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No New Posts Examples for beginner who want to learn EJS rss
For beginner who want to learn how to create simulation with EJS. Please check out simple EJS Examples and open EJS window to show the source code (Click 'load ejs as signed applet' button. :Latest simulations
  1. rod slide on top of a frictionless plate
  2. Example for color change and action
  3. F=-k*v*v with initial x(0),v(0) find x(t), v(t)
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No New Posts Physics related resources rss
PHysics related resources
60 Posts
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No New Posts Recommended physics simulations from other web sites rss
Here are recommend physics simulations found at other web sites
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No New Posts Physics Questions rss
Interesting questions related to physics or just for fun!
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No New Posts How to prevent spam in forums rss
Many web sites (forums, blogs, wikis, guestbooks, etc...) contain advertising comments or links that direct to sites that infect with malware. How to prevent those messages?
24 Posts
7 Topics
No New Posts Molecular Workbench rss
Molecular Workbench is free, content-oriented modeling software for use in education. More detail information can be found at concord.org web site
167 Posts
112 Topics

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Enjoy the fun of physics with simulations!
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