Shadow/Image and Color

A thin beam of light is often called a ray.

When we stand in the sunlight, some of the light is stopped while other rays pass on in a straight-line path.

A shadow is formed where light ray can not reached.

This java applet let you play with shadow and image.

To make it more fun, there are 3 different colors (Red/Green/Blue) light source.

You can also study the mixing of colored light.

Click different color checkbox to turn on that light source. (Default: Red light)

Click "show trace" button to display light paths.

There is a screen on the left. An object is located between light source and the screen.

You can select point light source or rod shape light source from the list. Have fun ! Play with it and try with different cases!

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Author¡GFu-Kwun Hwang, Dept. of physics, National Taiwan Normal University
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