RLC circuit simulation (DC Voltage source)

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This is a RLC series circuit simulation (with DC Voltage source) java applet.

1. Setup
There are 4 green circles represent nodes for the circuit.
You can put one of the selected element into the circuit at a time.
There are 5 circuit elements:
    Voltage source , Resistor, Inductor,  Capacitor and connector.

LEFT CLICK one of the circuit elements (within the area) to select it.
Enter new value into the text Field will change its parameter.

Then, LEFT CLICK between any two nodes (near gray line) to put the element into the circuit. e.g. vrlc.jpg

If the circuit is a closed circuit, the voltage at each node will be shown as the height relative to the gray circle(in bottom left corner). e.g. vlrc2.jpg

There is no charge stored in the capacitor initially, however, you can drag one node of the capacitor (up/down) to charge it.

If your circuit includes at least one voltage source and one resistor, it will change into simulation mode.

    e.g. R-L-C circuit setting. vrlc3.jpg

2. Simulation mode

Press Start to start the simulation.
The node will move up and down as voltage changes with time.

RIGHT CLICK will suspend the animation, click it again to resume.

Click the area above the DC voltage source change the time scale:
    Left click to increase the speed, right click to slow down.

The elapsed time is represented as t= a*b us (means a*b micro seconds).
Voltage as function of time V(t) at each node are shown as red dots. Each dot = b micro seconds.

If you want to know the current I(t) of the circuit,
    check out the voltage variation of any one of the resistors.

Press Ready to reset the time back to t=0.

3. Press Reset to remove all the elements from the circuit, reset to defaults.
You can change circuit elements at any time. (step 1)
    LEFT CLICK to select element and put it into the circuit.

You can try many different type of simulation with this java applet.

    V-R, V-R-C, V-R-L, V-R-L-C , V-R-C-R ....

    Just try it and have a nice day! to applet

Your suggestions are highly appreciated! Please click hwang@phy03.phy.ntnu.edu.tw

Author¡GFu-Kwun Hwang, Dept. of physics, National Taiwan Normal University
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