The world of color

This is a picture (GIF file). 
You can play with this animation. 
This is what you see if three overlapping beams of colored light shine on the screen in a dark room. 
This is the same screen when the light is ON! 
Do you believe it? 
  1. Please turn off the room light first.(click  on the top, not me) 
  2. Turn on the spot lights one by one. Click and drag to move the spot light and look at different part of Mickey mouse.
  3. Play with it and you will find out the screct of the color. 

Primary color Red Green Blue 
Click and drag to move it.
Light pass filters or mixing color paints. 
Click and drag to move filter
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This is a color filter demonstration
Drag the square filter above the image and watch the color changed.
The effect of the filter can be varied.(move up/down)

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Author¡GFu-Kwun Hwang, Dept. of physics, National Taiwan Normal University
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