2D Collision

Let's consider collisions in two dimension:

Press Start to begin the animation.

Two circular objects will move with pre-defined velocity (yellow arrow).
Click left mouse button to suspend the animation. Now, you can Click the mouse button again to resume the animation.

When the two objects collide, the animation will be suspend.

Press Reset button to reset parameters to default values. You can select different frame of reference
    to view the relative motion of all the objects. View collision in 1 dimension.

At the moment when they collide, the force between the two circle objects is  along the line which connect the center of the two objects.

Now we have 1-D collision problem:
two object move in the direction along the line connect  between their center,
 with velocitys along this directions. (Red vectors)

The vector perpendicular to the above components (green vectors) will not changed after collision.
(If there is no friction force between the two objects)

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AuthorGFu-Kwun Hwang, Dept. of physics, National Taiwan Normal University
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