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This is a Graphic User Interface for Physlet builder ()
Physlet is java library for physics simulation created by Wolfgang Christian at Davidson College in the U.S.

You can create java simulation for physics with a few simple steps:

Need examples! Please check out flash movie for animator , Efield and Bfield

e.g. with mouse click to select what you want and/or type in equation for objects.
Please follow the following steps to create your java simulation:
  1. Select what type of subject: Animator,EField,BField,Optics,Ripple
  2. Setup parameter for applet: width,height,show controls,...etc
  3. #applet initial value:unit size, grid,play mode,...etc
  4. add/modify objects: select the type of object (circle,rectangle,charge,mirror,...etc
  5. setup property for objects: draggable, trajectory, mass, external force,...etc
  6. #setup global property for all the objects:set X range, set/Show contours,...etc
  7. #graph: e.g. show how x coordinate of an object vary with time in another java applet
  8. #table: e.g. show data for an object in table form
The above steps with # sign are optional.

You can use the following function as an input:
abs(a), acos(a), acosh(a), asin(a), asinh(a), atan(a), atanh(a), ceil(a), cos(a), cosh(a), exp(a), frac(a), floor(a), int(a), log(a), random(a), round(a), sign(a), sin(a), sqr(a), sqrt(a), step(a), tan(a), tanh(a), atan2(a,b), max(a,b), min(a,b), mod(a,b)

This web interface is designed by Fu-Kwun Hwang at Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University
since 2012/05/18