Virtual experiments from the computer virtual reality technology in the field of teaching and experimental product of the combination. It experimental apparatus, laboratory environment, labs, and all the computer simulation system to complete, both traditional experimental simulation, it can not simulate the traditional teaching experiment very demanding conditions involved in experiments that some can not be achieved in practical experiments experimental phenomena are difficult to observe or experimental phenomena becomes straightforward. -*-It solves the teachers in teaching difficult problems:

(A) improve the effectiveness of teachers

East high school physics teacher ideal virtual laboratory software, which contains synchronization experiment and simulation tool for some of the electrical circuit, use the mouse to drag the machine will correctly revealed, especially in some three-dimensional map, and laboratory experiments can not be done this software can visualize the phenomena manifested. Teachers can be based on their own teaching experience, maximize courseware resources, improve teaching effectiveness.

(Two) rich experiment content

Virtual experiment courseware available experimental content beyond the curriculum standards, no device can simulate laboratory experiments. It provides teachers with a wealth of teaching content, there is nothing to learn to broaden students thinking space, provided from the analog to the conditions created. It makes experiments from experimental limitations of resources and equipment, and reduces the laboratory of capital investments. Use of network resources can be easily shared virtual experiment courseware, and safe operation, to facilitate students bold attempt, to lay a good foundation for lifelong learning. This preview, full figure out experimental principle, experimental procedures, proper use of equipment, the establishment of an intuitive understanding before the experiment and after-school review and consolidate what they have learned, etc. -*-