I have made 2 previous posts regarding various power cycles shown at [url]www.unifiedtheory.org.uk[/url] and [url]www.electrodynamics.org.uk[/url] I have now found what seems to be the final and ultimate engine cycle. I have a torsion spring drive which mimics the drive of EVERY SINGLE STEEL ATOM within the springs. It exactly duplicates the shell energy theory of RISING electron states. It more importantly shows the HOW and WHY. My site is getting top heavy but I am loathe to delete a 12 year record of work for a single day. I am going to post it in my own forum as a printable PDF. I will first try to show this forum the GIF image. Maybe an applet will be possible. No, it is not formatted but if anyone wants to see it, I will e-mail it first.