discussion with teacher

In addition, just to clarify some points regarding the applet:
1. When L is increased, we are guessing it is actually the number of turns per unit length which is increased? Why does decreasing L cause the induced V to increase?
2. if that is the case, could you please help us to change parameter 'solenoid length' to 'number of turns per unit length'?
3. Could you also set as default the constant g, vertical case? That will be the bridging point which they are familiar with.

The file can be downloaded from any host of your choice, let you decide.
The file is here

my reply
1. Currently, The length is the actual distance occupied by 30 turns
Decreasing L increasing the turns per unit length.

2. Turns per unit length = 30/L, I will change the slider according but I no sure if it is correctly shown, please check.

3. vertical as default with g = 9.81.


the right panel is modified as per our discussions with another teacher.