Help me start use new facts

all is able be  very good evaluate by equations

very important is few picture below



Source and Earth are  moving in the Universe 
                      (constant V  and Omega )

Source during time  T has many new position !

Important is confirm all 3d directions at one time 
( many similar opposite source  can confirm different Earth Absolute Velocity )

Method 1- Sum  Left + Right = Zero

step A) One source is master
step B ) we can Tuning right  source  and wait for Zero Sum Signal 
( after that read Hz different form Tuner )

Method 2  Read new wave - Sum L+ R  Different 

Two source ( ideal twins )  are sending master  signal
Doppler is reason that Sum :  Left + Right  = new signal.
We can  read new wave - confirm S distance  = efect  L+R signal


- f2 or f1 will feel Your finger during pushing mass m
(  F=ma and  F*t=mV it is not all that we need know  )
plese see below picture and YouTube


>>> Inertia