[size=18pt]Two Pictures zero words  ;)


Two the same Leds  (ideal opposite )
What is the reason ???

220 km/s   ???   30 km/s  ??? 600 km/s  ???  


I waiting for support my enlish is bad but this work perfect

more details

Dears Moderators it is my own Discovery and hard work
please  support me I started  one year ago

http://tesla64.blogspot.com/ ( Internal doppler efect )

http://tesla32.blogspot.com/ ( one laser explain internal  costant Velocity )

http://tesla8.blogspot.com/ ( classic mechanic version one rope and mass m )

http://tesla2.blogspot.com/ ( Real home test led + camera = compass  )

Br to all people who like physics

Marosz Maciej  Engineer & Inventor  ( I looking for target partners , cooperate
right now I need stop home test and start real experiments )

> http://tesla4.blogspot.com/