Good news.

The plugins have been approved by the Moodle staff and are now available for download from This means the links to the plugins stored in moodle from the previous post are now working. There is also a new link for the EJSApp set:

It is important because in the near future this set will be upgraded with, at least, one new moodle plugin for EJS: a brand new repository moodle plugin for finding and downloading EJS simulations from digital libraries (such as COMPADRE) directly from moodle!! This would work just like the moodle repository plugins for finding and adding videos from youtube or files from dropbox work.

Fu-Kwun, I know this is not a digital library by itself but there are so many EJS applications in this site. Do you think it would be possible to also link them to Moodle by means of this repository plugin? It would be really nice!