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changes made  February 08, 2012, 11:33:47 am posted from:Rancho Cucamonga,California,United States
lay the magnet correctly now
changes button to face down as in normal convention of the pole going into solenoid
re arrange layout
add check-box electrons
add slider n input fields to all inquiry variables
figure out a way to draw the electrons but the code is not elegant
thanks to paco for his original code
discussion with teacher

I have collated as follows:
1) we need magnet to be of two colors ( red n blue) only. Grey between may give the students the wrong notion that zero emf between the peaks are due to zero magnetic flux.
2) number tagged to every electrons is too near to the rings. Need to space it away from the electrons and ring if possible. So that students can decide the direction of a electron flow and see electron returns when magnet exits.
agree, text = ARIAL BOLD 18
add codes to reposition further
changes by tatlee08 March 06, 2012, 12:32:00 pm posted from:Singapore,,Singapore
Made some changes to the applet to make things neat and clear.
  Comparison to motion of a ball is removed. In the worksheet I will ask how the motion of the magnet is compared to a ball and why (Ans: centre of mass motion should be identical. Although emf is induced at the ends of the solenoid, there is no conversion of energy from mechanical to electrical with a open circuit.)
  Remove the simulation in relation to temperature of the coil. Again will ask in the worksheet.
  Modified some of the control elements
engrg1 changes September 10, 2012, 09:58:04 am posted from:SINGAPORE,SINGAPORE,SINGAPORE
(1) Include the Magnetic Field lines (Remix the Magnetic Dipole Field 3D codes by Wolfgang .]
(2) Magnetic field lines only drawn initially
(3) Link the Strength Magnetic field to magnetic field lines
To change the "shape of the magnetic field", please change the start_y position.

19 December 2012
added constant velocity capability
but found a bug in the emf induced does not change direction with B = + or B = - values. fixed by added back the negative sign d (rotateElectrons)/dt = -I
added menu to sync with pre-post test questions
added vertical and horizontal view capabilities to sync with pre-post test questions
made the slider values able to dynamically display the instantaneous values for associated learning
added g =0 for constant velocity
added constant velocity and slider with amos input
added induced EMF instead of voltage with amos input
added induced forces with amos input