Hi all,

Ruben Heradio and I have just released the first official version of four new plugins for Moodle that, along with some changes that have been made to the EJS core code (version 4.37, build 20120715 or later, already includes these changes) allow you to embed EJS applications into Moodle and treat them as any other Moodle activity.

To sum up, using Moodle and EJS together will let you:
1. To deploy applications written in EJS.
2. To control user access to the deployed EJS applications and distinguish between virtual labs (or simulations) and remote labs.
3. To set several resizing options for displaying the embedded EJS applets.
4. To backup and restore thanks to Moodle course backups.
5. To use cloud storage for any data, image or state file created by the EJS application.
6. To create sessions for synchronous collaborative working with the Java applets created with Easy Java Simulations.
7. To manage and control the access to EJS remote laboratories by means of a booking system that gets integrated into Moodle.

More info at:
We are also preparing several video tutorials. Expect them to be available in youtube within two or three weeks.

You can download the Moodle plugins either from Github:
Or (once they have been approved) from Moodle site:

We hope you can find it interesting and usefull :-)