Michelson-Morley measure ONLY light speed C  !!!

I don't want to repeat and  measure speed C everybody know this  !!!


1. light beam  power  has  relation to each direction !

2. energy that use source of light has  relation to each direction  !

YOU TUBE 1   experiment with camera and leds


Below my few questions  please write me what You think (  use question No )

1 Why My  Nikon 5000 can see light power change ? 
it is only my opinion I want know Your !
( for me light power has relation with  Universe ! 
It is not  Doppler my camera                                         
  and source of light have the same velocity - when You go in Train You use the same energy
for move with train and opposite  to train  but only for person inside train - light signal
belong to universe not to train where start  )


2  Two the same Mass m that not move and  Two the same mass m that move
(what about gravitation forces  the same  but mass m  inertia forces  ?


3  What is mass m and gravitation mass m  why Einstein not separate this ?

4 What is totaly not move body definition and newton table  ?
(  what You think I discover something or Just  this what You right now learn in school is OK we no need add more ? )

in my head I have many plan special in green energy sectore