discussion with teachers

1) I observed that when the new markers x-axis reach 4 units, the entire graph starts to shrink. If nothing can be done about it, then maybe we can remove the new markers?
[color=blue][b]done well autoscale false[/b][/color]

2) The new "forward T/8" step function looks good. Sometimes there is a need to compare with the previous T/8 step. Do you think you could insert a "reverse T/8" step function too?
[color=blue][b]good idea done[/b][/color]

3) The cyan colour looks nice but may not stand out. Can you pls help to change to say blue colour?
[color=blue][b]blue is good[/b][/color]

Thanks man!

thanks to engrg1 for the coding for the dynamic selection of java string
public double cal_speed(String strTmp) {
  double temp;
  double coeff_x =1;
  double coeff_t =1;
  int tmp_start ;
  int tmp_end;
  // finding the constant x. Trying to extract coeff of x
  tmp_start = strTmp.indexOf('(');
  tmp_end = strTmp.indexOf("pi");

  if ((tmp_end - tmp_start )!= 1) {
    coeff_x = Double.parseDouble (strTmp.substring (tmp_start+1, tmp_end-1));
  // finding the coeffient of t
  tmp_start = strTmp.indexOf('+');
  if (tmp_start == -1)
    tmp_start = strTmp.indexOf('-'); 
  tmp_end = strTmp.indexOf('t');

if ((tmp_end - tmp_start )!= 1) {
    coeff_t = Double.parseDouble (strTmp.substring (tmp_start+1, tmp_end-1));
  temp = coeff_t/coeff_x;
  return temp;