Hi there, thank you for your response. I am still a little bit confused. I see that the particle produces a sine wave and emits the B and E fields as they are shown. When I thought of an E&M wave, I thought that the front end of the wave would always be at the same phase. It would be as if you drew a sine wave on a sheet of paper and just carried the sheet of paper in the x direction. And that sheet of paper (the profile of the wave) would travel forward in the x-direction at c. But now with this animation it looks as though the E&B field at the front of the wave are oscillating forward (expanding the profile), followed by the rest of the profile traveling behind. It would be as though I drew a sine wave on a sheet of paper, and continued drawing further on the paper as I walked in space (so that the profile itself is getting larger). Does this make sense? For that reason I'm confused at the two different speeds I see, the one of the entire profile moving and then the one of the front of the wave pulling away from the rest of the profile.