Now I'm looking at the checkbox for the "?" at the lower right hand corner.
In the pop-up window, the last set of instructions [to click on graph area>Select Elements options - PlottingPanel - DataAnalysis to verify dg = - d\phi/dr] . . . i cant find DataAnalysis after the PlottingPanel. Also, should it be g = - d\phi/dr ?

done, i have removed Data Analysis and replace with the phi and d(phi)/dr check box and display for more immediate concept-trend generalization after discussion with teacher(s) [/b][/color]

Also, i noticed the displayed values for d\phi/dr is always kept to 2 dp. But the bar is exceptionally long. Verifying manually, i missed out the E-08 at the end initially. If it's not too much trouble already, could you help me reduce that box length sincethe values are already constrained?