Dear Mr. Fu-Kwun Hwang,

Im totaly impressed and speachless about you website! Thank you for broaden my mind!

In the last 5 years I often wished to have simulations for certain things I was thinking about or trying to explain my sweet little daughter, and today I accidentially found your side. Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful collection of great simulationens, even of things I never thought to be shown in such simulations.

While playing with some optic simulations I could not find one that allows me to combine lenses and mirror effects at the same time. I found one simulation under
(which is quite what I looked for), but it would be much more comfortable if it would be able to vizualize objects similar to your "Images formed with a flat mirror " or even better "Image formed by plane mirror". Maybe I missed to find such a simulation on your side, or there is no one?

It would be really great if you could help me in this issue.

best regrads from Germany / sen-h