discussion with teacher

1) there is a small circle below the test mass. I think the circle is meant for potential graph. Can the circle only appears when the potential graph is checked, to reduce distraction? Thanks.

2) right now, the g field arrow only appears when we check the g button and then check the g1 button. Actually I would like the students to visualise the arrows first without looking at the graph. Furthermore, when we uncheck the g button and check the V button, the arrow still appears because the g1 button is not unchecked. Can we have another button to activate the g arrows? and the arrow for the particular M will appear as long as the g arrow button is checked and the M button is checked. Thanks.

3) can we make it such that the g2 bar (on the right side) only apears when the M2 button is checked? because it is causing distraction and serves no purpose if M2 is not present. Similarly the g net bar should only appear when both M1 and M2 buttons are checked simultaneously. What do you think?

4) the tangent for dV/dr is nice, although I think the value is fake. :) but it provides good visualisation for our students. Just one small request, the dV/dr value has a 'E08' placed very far to the right. Students may not notice it. Can we reduce the length of the value display bar?3

can you standardise the symbol for potential because the sim uses both V and greek symbol 'phi'.