more discussion with teacher

1) can you make the satellite in mode 6 orbit with period = 24 hours?
[b][color=blue]added a new polar orbit with T = 24hours.
redesign the equation
//formula adapted from
x = R*(Math.cos(angle)*Math.cos(anglez));
y = R*(Math.sin(angle)*Math.cos(anglez));
z = R*Math.sin(anglez); // lookang for other orbits

2) The "Show Text" button doesn't seem to work.
[color=blue][b]it is removed as there is a problem in Java3D implementation as the text does not move with he satellite.
we can add it in after EJS can generate the code correctly for Java3D. [/b][/color]

3) The simulation 'hangs' after it is being played for some time.
The whole thing just stops and I need to close the window.
[color=blue][b]i cant solve it unless the problem is repeatable :)[/b][/color]