another discussion with another teacher

Is it possible to introduce the following changes to the simulation?
1.  remove the formula

[b][color=blue]in line with our 2nd multiple representation pedagogy and research, the formula is actually a form of symbolic representation that we speculate helps learners form a coherent mental model of this topic of momentum.
can keep please and use it?[/color][/b]

2.  remove the hints

[color=blue][b]same as 1, can keep please and use it?
our research experience using this computer model suggests it could be useful to promote thinking about the problem of types of collision types[/b][/color]

3.  can the final velocities appear only after the collision?

[color=blue][b]i think already done based on earlier request by AJC teacher[/b][/color]

4.  remove change in font size

[color=blue][b]we speculate the size emphasis help learners focus on that is being modeled in that time
5.  a much larger difference in mass? (right now it's only 1 to 7 kg?) possible to key in any positive real number?

[color=blue][b]key in directly into the input fields, all computer models currently that lookang makes, can have or already has this user input features[/b][/color]

6.  same for velocity?  The arrow length can be proportioned between the two velocities?

[color=blue][b]i believe it already is drawn proportionally and always pointing to the right consistent in convention to traditional pen paper solutions. please check? [/b][/color]

7.  spell momentum instead of mom? Can also use p1 and p2 too.

[color=blue][b]i think can spell momentum, i try but please note the space constraints already inside existing model
i think can use p1 and p2 but it is better than m1*v1 or m1*u1 ?
i normally avoid using p1 as it could be confusing as p1 = m1*u1  when t < tcollision and p1 = m1*v1  when t > tcollision.
please think this through i should be able to but i need you to be sure :)