more discussion with teacher

   I am very impressed with your email response. very fast.

[color=blue][b]u should be more impressed by the computer model that i will release soon, solenoid (version i will release later) instead of a single ring (original from OSP) and a bar magnet (version u saw) instead of a single magnetic dipole.(original from OSP)
i would dare say no vendor can create what you want in 3 weeks.[/b][/color]

   By the way, could you help me to understand what do you mean by "sum of individual magnets"? There is only one magnet, isn't? What are those small black graphs on current panel?

[color=blue][b]in computer modeling, magnetism is manifested by creating single point magnetic dipole, like point charges, but here as magnetic charges.
to create a model of a bar magnet, what i did was to create a series of magnetic dipole inside the bar to simulate as a single bar magnet.
so to answer the question, the black lines are individual contribution of the magnetic dipoles with the ring based on each magnetic dipole distance away from the ring.
currently there are 30 of these magnetic dipoles :)
the resultant is pretty smooth and realistically physics based, not animation cartoon drawing so to speak.[/b][/color]

   I realise that you are on some conference, maybe you can email when you are free. Thanks for your support.