discussion with teacher

> May I know if you could fix the issue with the voltage graph. It seems that the voltage graph does not invert when I change the polarity of the magnet.
[color=blue][b]Let me check, thanks for the bug reporting, it is fixed now[/b][/color]

> Also, just to inform you that there is a double shadow curve on the current panel? Is it normal?
[color=blue][b]It is the sum of the individual magnets :)
i also juts added check-boxes to activate the sum and the individual currents.
By the way, did u know of any other applet in the Internet that shows the same physics? I suspect this is a world first for long magnet!!
It is awesome ;)[/b][/color]

[color=red][b]add the correct laying of the north and south pole[/b][/color]