good advice from research scientist

[b]Thank you very much for kindly sharing this with me and involving me in the conversation I do appreciate it.

Ee-peow, if you and your colleagues feel most comfortable with the methodology you have chosen, go ahead, because it is your research and you must own it :-)

What is critical for you to ask yourselves is:

How you might go about unpacking the learning process that the students go through as they use the Applet.

That is, which particular affordances of the Applet are being leveraged as the students learn the concept.

In other words, it is not so much important to demonstrate that the Applet works (which it will), but how and why it works.

This sort of thing is not easily done through Control / Experimental Design, but these questions are (from a wider institutional point-of-view) more important than simply knowing that the intervention is effective.

For it is only when we know how something works, that we are then able to think about how to diffuse and generalize the principles (but you know that already :-) )

So, do not just satisfy yourself with proving a Delta, for a Delta there will be.

Instead, go about seeking to understand why there is a Delta, and when you do so, you will understand how the project affords Assessment for Learning.

(I would like to take the opportunity to remind Lookang that it is the considered opinion (from previous meetings) that the project is best positioned as AfL; Lookang, you need to stop obsessing about how / whether the intervention is SDL/COL those are red herrings which you keep being distracted by)[/b]

[color=red][b]i was not me9(lookang), humping on SDL by the way.[/b][/color]