1. Think I will stick to the original Java Sim that RV uses.
Think my worksheet focus on constructing knowledge from NTL, then towards COM.
It should also test students on multiple intelligence and relating the momentum-time and force-time graph. (Please refer to attached pic for graphs)

[color=blue][b]i will try to add http://www.thephysicsfront.org/items/detail.cfm?ID=3969 into the current sim to achieve what u want[/b][/color]

2. As for input of values for mass, u1 and u2, I can do it now. thanks.


However, don't think i can input v1 or v2. The java sim calculates v1 and v2 together based on a certain value of e.

[color=blue][b]yes it cannot be done yet, the physics is not deterministic [/b][/color]

But students don't know about e, so can we just let them input v1 or v2 and calculate the other, without showing e. (Note: in tutorials, when we give students a certain value of v1, we are already assuming a certain value for e)

[color=blue][b]here i disagree with the syllabus, the treatment of collision is inadequate to prepare physics students for university.
let me think how to solve this, maybe i release another sims just for v1 n v2 inputs[/b][/color]

3. For the momentum-time graph, there is a vertical line at t=0. Looks like the momentum dropping from somewhere. Can we eradicate this?

[color=blue][b]yes, done[/b][/color]

hi prof!
can allow file extension .docx ??
Dynamics Wksht_EJS.docx.
You cannot upload that type of file. The only allowed extensions are gif,jpg,mpg,pdf,png,txt,xml,java,html,jar,ip,avi,swf,zip,doc,mov,jpeg,htm,jqz,rar,trk,mp4,ejs,apk.