another discussion on this simulation

> 1. I have tried the Java sim from your blog, can set velocity to 0.5 but not 0.2, 0.3 etc. Also, it will be better if users can directly type the values they want, instead of dragging the scale.
[color=blue][b]Did u try to key input values in the input fields
I just tried seems 0.2 can be set.
Avoid the sliders for specific values. [/b][/color]

> 2. you have a "paused at collide" function which is useful, is it possible to show the forces just as how you display the velocity vectors? Can show students forces acting on block A and B are the same according to NTL. From there, we can develop the concept : force of same magnitudes, same time during collision, Fx t, so change in momentum for block A and B ae the same, but in opposite direction. (I have attached a partially done worksheet, adapted from University of Washington using the inquiry approach)
[color=blue][b]Seems like a good idea[/b][/color]

> 3. In relation to pt 2, can we add a Force-time graph?
[b][color=blue]But the force time graph is just a _|_ graph nothing much to see unless we redesign the model to be more like real life then can see a bit _|-|_ graph. Can u show a graph u have in mind ?[/color][/b]

> 4. Can we input very large values for mass. e.g. a very small mass collide with a very large mass, just like we bounce a ball on the ground. Conversely, it will be good if we can show very large mass colliding with very small mass.
[color=blue][b]Input field can accept any mass, don't use the slider[/b][/color]

> 5. This is probably the hardest pt. Coefficient of restitution, e, is not covered in the syllabus. Students usually use u1, u2 and v1 or v2 to find the other final velocity. They do not need to care about the value of e and do not know how to calculate e anyway. It will be useful to students if we can allow them to input v1 or v2 such that they can check their tutorial answers, but of couse got to ensure that corresponding value for e is also calculated correctly.
[b][color=blue]It is already possible.
Did u select the table check-box to key in values ?[/color][/b]