A simplifed Roller Coaster for use in elementary school.

This remixed version of roller coaster is simplified and meant for use in elementary classroom with the following features:
1. Remove the forces
2. If there is no friction, allow the KE bar graph to move downwards so that students can better visualize that total energy is constant using the bar graph.
3. Numeral values of PE  , KE  , energy loss, total energy are displayed (Allow the students to see the actual numbers and further reinforce the concept total energy is constant)
4. New Track Up and Down 2 (The object is not starting at the highest point.
5. Show the velocity of the object. (Allow students to see the change in velocity in various positions)
6. Thicken the velocity arrow to make it more visible.
7. Change timestep to slider 8. Change friction to "radio button" . (Hard code the value of k)
9. Use of consistent colour scheme.

Feel free to provide ideas on how to use this applet.

Thank you!