request Wed 1/25/2012 3:18 PM

It seems that you have yet to change Px and Py to 2 d.p.
[color=blue][b]done now! [/b][/color]

Also, realised that at destructive interference at some position, it shows S1P = 8.47  and S2P = 7.96 but the difference is 0.50(lamda), I suppose it is due to the division and rounding off. Is there a possibility of having this fixed?
[color=blue][b]yes, i think i see some rounding off error, but i don't know if it is serious bug that need to solve.
seems ok to me when i play with it through the slider
the error seems to be possible when the user drag the point P, i think it is a trade-off between round-off error possible sometimes or disable the drag-gable point P.[/b][/color]