another good request from teacher Wed 1/25/2012 11:45 AM
I was working on the worksheet for superposition and would like to request for the following feature:
1. Instead of S1P - S2P, could it be shown as |S1P - S2P| to show that we are measuring the magnitude. Alternatively we can show S1P - S2P to be negative to indicate that S1P is shorter than S2P. For your consideration, please
[color=blue][b]done made " |S1P-S2P|  = 0.## "[/b][/color]

2. Can the distance S1P - S2P, Px and Py be shown to 2 s.f.?
[color=blue][b]two decimal place can? implemented
2 significant figures could be look like this
1.2E0 = 1.20
9.9E-1 = 0.99
a bit harder to read but it is 2 significant figures:)[/b][/color]

3. Also, was wondering if there is a need for the pop up when we first open the EJS? The information provided may be slightly different from the activities that the students would be exploring.
[color=blue][b]hidden now[/b][/color]