From a teacher Thu 1/5/2012 4:13 PM.

You are indeed amazing!

Yes, I suppose you are right that we may do away with the intensity graph as it looks pretty good with the current features. I suppose we can design the worksheet to check how students perceive from the pattern the intensity-position graph.

For the computer hanging of the JS, it seems that I didn't encounter it this time round with the update. We will explore further to see if it gives us problem again.

Some observation:
1. In the full screen mode, the graph seems to be occupy about a fifth of the screen. I wonder how it would look like if it occupies say a third? On the other hand, the size looks perfectly fine so long as I do not maximize the EJS.
[color=blue][b]it is selectable width now using split panels[/b][/color]
2. I observe that the bar for S1P and the line S1P are in purple[magenta] while the S1 source is in red. Is it intended to be so?
[color=blue][b]i design that source S1 is [color=red]RED[/color] and the path S1P is magenta[/b][/color]
see picture

Thanks for the great EJS. We are truly impressed.
[color=blue][b]thank you! Open source Physics is awesome[/b][/color]

[glow=red,2,300][b]Hi Professor Hwang!
you are truly amazing too hahahaha[/b][/glow]