You need to decide what will changed when the satellite position is changed.
(because this is not going to happened in real world, it can only happened in simulated virtual world).
For example: you can keep angular momentum is the same i.e. L=r*m*v=m*r^2*\omega to be a constant.
or you can keep velocity to be  a constant.e. v=r*\omega to be a constant, or even with any change in velocity.
The easiest way is to change property of satellite: let it become drag-able. You can pause the simulation, then drag the satellite to other position, and start the simulation again.
Or you can use slider to change it distant to the center of the simulation region.

The trace will follow automatically, since it x, y properties are assigned to x,y in the model.
Try it out first, I will try to help  if you can not do it by yourself.