fixed relationship
v1 = Math.sqrt(vx1*vx1+vy1*vy1);
v2 = Math.sqrt(vx2*vx2+vy2*vy2);
texttime = " t = " + _view.format(t,"0.00");

add title Ejs Open Source 2 mass rolling on incline plane Model Java Applet
add author Fu-Kwun Hwang remixed by
add data processing for student to analyze like in tracker

07 October 2011
activate x vs t and v vs t

09 October 2011
debug the t or fund a bug in the time calculation
add slider cta2degree
code is cta2degree = Math.toDegrees(cta2);
and on the slider add cta2 = Math.toRadians(cta2degree);

i didnt enable the answers, u still have a good chance to work hard to find out the answer yourself! ;D