Ejs Open Source Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave Model Java Applet by Juan Aguirregabiria & Fu-Kwun Hwang
remixed by lookang

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This java applet shows how the electromagnetic wave propagated in the media.
Red segment represent Electric Field
Gray segment represent Magnetic Field
You can modify:
T :period of the wave. => wavelength(lamda)=vy*T
Ez: electric field magnitude
vy: wave velocity. => Ez/Bx=vy, where Bx is magnetic field magnitude
Please notice that E/B field are in phase when electromagnetic is travel in vacuum.

Electromagnetic wave adapted from http://www.compadre.org/osp/items/detail.cfm?ID=7903
The fields in an electromagnetic wave moving along the X axis are
E = Ez cos(kx-?t) k
B = Bx cos(kx-?t) i = (cE)/c^2
where c = c j, Bx = Ez/c .
In this simulation c = Vy

You can choose the amplitudes Ez, as well as the period T,
therefore, wavelength ? = 2?/k.

The point of view of the three-dimensional projection can be changed with the cursors or the mouse.
The whole image can be moved with the mouse while pressing Ctrl.
To change the zoom in the projection, press Shift when moving up or down the mouse pointer.
Put the mouse pointer over an element to get information about it.

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