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I was inspired to write this down and i wanted to share with everyone :)

professor Hwang Fu-Kwun from NTNUJAVA Virtual Physics Laboratory has made hundreds of quality simulations for free for anyone in the world to learn from.
The greatest strength of Professor Hwang is his philosophy towards empowering students and other educators to use, remix finer customized simulations to advance learning by doing, exploring and making new simulations.
His forum website (see link) has many examples and evidences of him giving his own time selflessly to help anyone in need of physics knowledge and physics simulation models with the later usual costing thousands of dollars to make if out-sourced to commercial vendors to create.

Professor Hwang graciously makes simulations free of financial cost to benefit humankind, in his own free time outside his teaching hours in the university.

He is a great man and a role model for people like myself, ordinary teachers trying to make learning experiences richer and more hands-on and minds-on.

Professor Hwang is the hero for many physics teachers all around the world and I am his living example of people who have benefited from his selfless sharing.
http://weelookang.blogspot.com/ my ordinary physics teacher blog
http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnujava/ Check out the world's greatest physics simulation website! :)

Lastly, to further appreciate his work, let's look at the following quote on his website.
"    * Tell me. I may not get it, I'm sure to forget it.
   * Show me. I may get it, I'll remember it for a little while.
   * Have me do it. I'll understand it, it may stick for a while.
That's is why education has to be grounded in doing and experiencing, less memorizing for inert knowledge sake and he is one man that helps others to understand this point.
[/quote]Professor Hwang Fu-Kwun and you Dr. Wee Loo Kang are both great men. Thank you very much for your invaluable help to my research doing and refining the gimbal applet. I would like to wish you all the best in your life and science. egabev.