I have one question about one program that i'm programming in EJS:

I try to made the simulation of this program and i get one error "_view.drawingPanel3D.repaint(?);"

...i don't know what mean with this error message, because my simulation is in 2D and i don't have anything about 3D in my program.

This is the "applet source code" of my programm:

[b][i]* Class : satelite_474Applet.java
* Generated using * Easy Java Simulations Version, build 110619. Visit http://www.um.es/fem/Ejs

...package satelite_474_pkg;

import org.colos.ejs.library._Ejs?Constants;

public class satelite_474Applet extends org.colos.ejs.library.Laun?cherApplet {

static {

org.opensourcephysics.disp?lay.OSPRuntime.loadTransla?torTool = false;

org.opensourcephysics.disp?lay.OSPRuntime.loadExportT?ool = false;

public void init () {



org.opensourcephysics.tool?s.ResourceLoader.addSearch?Path(getCodeBase()+""); // This is for relative files

org.opensourcephysics.tool?s.ResourceLoader.addSearch?Path(""); // This is for relative files, too

//org.colos.ejs.library.Si?mulation.setPathToLibrary(?getCodeBase()); // This is for classes (such as EjsMatlab) which needs to know where the library is

satelite_474._addHtmlPageI?nfo("Página Intro","_default_","Página? Intro","./satelite_474_Int?ro 1.html");

if (getParentFrame()!=null) {

_model = new satelite_474 ("drawingFrame",getParentF?rame(),getCodeBase(),this,?(String[])null,true);

_simulation = _model._getSimulation();

_view = _model._getView();


else {

_model = new satelite_474 (null,null,getCodeBase(),t?his,(String[])null,true);

_simulation = _model._getSimulation();

_view = _model._getView();


public void _reset() { ((satelite_474)_model)._re?set(); }
public void _initialize() { ((satelite_474)_model)._in?itialize(); }
public void stop() { ((satelite_474)_model)._on?Exit(); }
} // End of class satelite_474Applet

Someone could help me? thanks....