changes made:

changes made.
naming convention change to suit airplanes as in picture
made 19 closest instead of 361
set initial values to [s]all zero[/s] all blanks
[s]range of slider -180 to 180 degree[/s]
added play pause button
axes implementation added instead of box for clearer orientation when talking about pitch roll and yaw
re-design the implementation to suit the physical Gimbal with support structures represented by cylinders using the 3D group method to ease the need to program in the codes as it is the outer ring's motion is automatically translated to the middle ring and the middle ring motion translation to inner ring.
add cylinders to aid the visualization of the support of the Gimbal

added new features
changes made
added rectangles from Prof Hwang's version 6
customized to my version 4 dimensions
added an independent axis control checkbox for egabev mention something about no dependency of each axis of rotation, without the structures and in rectangle shapes, the rectangles do overlap
made it a little bigger
consistent the color with Prof Hwang's version 6
vrml files
render is JAVA3D is the only trick!
think there is a bug in Ejs , it works in the download standalone jar but not VRMLfile cannot show up in web deploy applets.
download file to view the VRML airplane
Enjoy! egabev