[quote author=lookang link=topic=2084.msg8307#msg8307 date=1310740599]
added new features
changes made
added rectangles from Prof Hwang's version 6
customized to my version 4 dimensions
added an independent axis control checkbox for egabev mention something about no dependency of each axis of rotation, without the structures and in rectangle shapes, the rectangles do overlap
made it a little bigger
consistent the color with Prof Hwang's version 6

Dear Professor Hwang, Lookang, Ahmed and Tucheng (sorry if I missed somebody working with gimbal applet) both the modified applets from message #6 and the new one from message #11 (both at page 2) looks to me are OK. I have no words to express my sincere and wormest thanks to all of you. I realize that despite your extreme business with the students at that time of the year you were so kind to help me. I will keep you in touch with my research and will acknowledge your excellent work in my future paper. It will be about 50 pages with subject my hypothesis for HIV-1 navigation system and its implication for treatment of AIDS. Your name as authors/coauthors of the gimbal applet will be properly written in the paper. With kindest regards. Since the Elsevier Printing House request written agreement to write names to be acknowledge I will ask you to send me such agreement (of course if you like that) when the time comes.egabev (Evgeni Gabev).