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I hope the following is what you need!

Thanks for your time and attention. I have tested very carefuly the modified applet page 2 message 2 (Reply #31 on: Today at 12:08:03 pm posted from:Tucheng,T'ai-wan,Taiwan).

Yaw (red) should rotate independently without moving the whole figure. What I also mentioned: Pitch (green) is OK; Roll is moving as this should be the rotation of Yaw (rotation arround the vertical axis of the airplane message #23 page 1). Instead I beg you to make Roll to rotate being "bolted" at Pitch (green) at points 9 and 3 o'clock (message 1 above). Please see message 1 above.

Please make these changes but since I value very much your time if possible please advice me how to do modifications like you did up to now by myself. I have already installed EJS. Thanks a lot. Best wishes. egabev.