[quote author=Fu-Kwun Hwang link=topic=2084.msg8291#msg8291 date=1310524631]
There are only two rotational axes for the device at the two URLs you have provided.
The middle and outer rings can freely rotate along the same axes (with different angle).
However, you have mentioned that those three axes should be perpendicular to each other.
I am really confused!
Sorry. Let me try to explain what I need by the following way. Please go to your applet at message #6 above, Please tune Roll (blue)to 90 degrees, Pitch (green ) to 90 degrees too and please do not touch Yaw (red) (0 degrees). Please imagine that Roll is bolted to Pitch ring at 9h and 3h. Now please make such that Roll is rotated from 0 to 360 degrees perpendicular to the circumference of Yaw (red). This movenent is actually the only one possible if Roll is bolted as described above. I beg you just to modify the Roll rotation at #6 message applet. I do not need actually other things. Thanks again.
PS. Please use the Roll, Pitch and Yaw rings and colors as they are given at message #6.