First of all, thank you very much for this fantastic site!

I would like to create the following system; if there is someone willing to help, I will gladly give co-authorship of an upcoming paper on the subject.

The systems consists of a set of smaller particles (with the option to vary their masses and the energy of the system) to create the brownian environment and two other kinds of particles (with the option to vary their masses):
1. particles which stick to each other on contact and
2. particles which do not stick to each other on contact.
There should be a counter for each time a couple of this particles touches each other, and another counter for each time the sticky particles stick to each other.
When there is collision of any of these two kinds of particles, the system stops and scrambles the position of all particles but the counters do not initialize. The purpose is to count and compare the interaction of these two distinct sets of particles.

I hope someone is interested.
Many thanks in advance