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There were two simulations created, are you asking for the third one?

Or you want to modify one of them? May I know which one: message #4 or message#6?

[/quote]I would like that you modify the applet on message #6. Just the blue ring rotation. Thank you.
Dear Professor Fu-Kwun Hwang,
I would like to asking you very kindly to modify your aplet (message #6) such that the blue ring (roll) rotates like as at the attached file direction (arrow) from today, i.e. different than the red (Yaw) and green (Pitch) one. I would greatly appreciate your efforts since I need your aplet for very serious research-a new drug for AIDS we have created in the Institute. If you agree I will give credits for your labor in the paper I am preparing at present. Thanking you very much in advance I am with kindest regards.