Fixed! amazing i managed to fix bug cause i was so worried i couldn't find it and come up with a solution.
indeed some rest and try again helps for this situation. when tired, just rest and let it incubate in my mind. creativity works with there is enough time, not pressure.
this top post is the latest sim!

17 April 2011 (Saturday going Sunday at midnight after thinking about it every moment for a saturday)
major break through in bug fix now electron/current + splitring/ or without all bugs fix
added show graph angle, magnetic force, magnetic torque vs time and angle included even with data analysis
add N number of turns in coil
add inertia
add lengthx as slider with all associated drawing of the particles
add lengthz as slider
add Torque
fix a bug in evolution page domega/dt = (getAlpha(cta) -bf*omega)/Inertia where getAlpha(cta) is magnetic torque a2*Math.abs(Math.cos(cta)) where a2 = a2=N*I*B*L*b*1;
new assumption in sim is inertia is not affect by N, each slider controller is for conceptual exploration, not exactly mimicking real equipment so to speak.

[color=red][b]Attached is my latest worksheet for research[/b][/color]