please see my picture in first post on the data builder in Ejs

using the data builder in Ejs, is there a way to type in a model?

currently, i can type in

flux = 4.5*sin(6.281*t)
and emf = - 4.5*6.281*cos(6.281*t)
something like in this YouTube
[youtube]dh3BLyj0oBA[/youtube] time zoom in to [b][color=red]1.06 min[/color][/b]

to verify the relationship of d(flux)/dt = - emf

but is it possible to type in say

flux = 4.5*sin(6.281*t)
dfluxdt = d(flux)/dt to get the derivatives?
strangely it seems not documented in the help. maybe it cannot be done yet