You have three different pictures in the attached file.

Could you provide the size of gimbal and (CD4 receptor,Lipid raft,T cell lipid membrane,CCR5 or CXCR4 co-receptors ...etc)

What should I do ?
1. From A to B: Should I move glimbal down or move CD4 recptor(etc) up? What is the displacement and speed?
2. From B to C:
Should I move CD4 recptor from left to right with constant speed? What is the value for displacement and speed?
The rectangle base seems to be rotated by 180 degree? How to change from B to C???
The so called CCR5 (blue circle) seems to tile by an angle? What is the value of that angle?
What are the scale of all the elements including positions(3D coordinates: i.e. x,y,z) ,velocity(vx,vy,vz) etc?

I can not read your mind just from those pictures.

Could you just upload picture as attachment directly(instead of drawing in the doc file)? It will be much easier to referer to pictures as part of forum message.